Viagra for men: Should you buy it online and how does it work?

VIAGRA for men is a minefield. Many think they can order it online, while others are too embarrassed to go to their doctor to ask about the drug. spoke exclusively to Mr Vivek Wadhwa, Consultant Urologist at Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull, about viagra, exactly what it does, how to use and it where to get it.

Phosphodiesterase-5 is the type of drug used in Viagra medication.

The NHS says: “Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors are one of the most widely used and effective types of medication for treating erectile dysfunction. 

“They work by temporarily increasing the blood flow to your penis. Sildenafil, vardenafil and avanafil work for about eight hours and they are designed to work 'on demand’.”

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How does viagra work? spoke exclusively to Mr Vivek Wadhwa, Consultant Urologist

While all these medications are often mistakenly referred to as Viagra as the term is also a brand name. Only one of the drugs that might be prescribed by your doctor is actually Viagra.

Sildenafil is sold under the brand name Viagra. Tadalafil is sold under the brand name Cialis. Vardenafil is sold under the brand name Levitra, while avanafil is sold under the brand name Spedra.

How does Viagra work?

“It’s not a magic pill,” Mr Wadhwa explained. “You need to take it an hour before the anticipated act.”

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After taking the viagra you do need to be sexually stimulated for it to work

After taking the drug you do need to be sexually stimulated - so do not expect an erection to spontaneously appear. 

“You will need to be stimulated, meaning you and your partner will have to do some foreplay,” Mr Wadhwa explained.

What you eat is also important when taking the medication.

“Do not take it with a big hearty meal,” Dr Wadhwa says, “as it will cause problems with absorption rates.

Where can I get Viagra?

Mr Wadhwa says: “You will go to the doctor who will give the medication at the smallest dose available.

“Then you will go home and try it, if it doesn’t work there are two stronger doses available before the doctor will announce you unresponsive.” 

Should you buy it online?

This is not advisable, according to the expert.

“I wouldn’t recommend it,” Dr Wadhwa says, “You basically don’t know what you’re getting. It might not work or it might not be safe.”

Mr Wadhwa explained that sometimes the herbal tablets can that be purchased at chemists and shops such as Ann Summers can work - but not for everyone.

“I’m not going to say don’t do it,” he says. “Some people have told me that they use and it’s worked for them.

“I’m not going to recommend it, but if you find that it works for you then it works for you.”

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Phosphodiesterase-5 is the type of drug used in Viagra medication

According to the expert Viagra is a drug for someone suffering with erectile dysfunction only. It will not increase your sexual satisfaction, stamina or performance if you do not suffer with erectile dysfunction. 

Instead of Viagra, for men beetroot can be a natural cure for erectile dysfunction.

Natural Viagra-like properties can be found in the purple wonder food.

You may never have associated the humble salad-topping veg with sex before, but dieticians say you should.

According to experts the fresh veg could have you feeling even fresher in the bedroom.

“Beetroot was used in Roman times as an aphrodisiac and this could have some basis according to modern research,” said award winning dietitian and nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton.